The Face in the Tree

the face in the tree

This cartoon or one like it was often seen in children’s comic books. I always liked to get all of the faces and I enjoyed that sense of satisfaction that the discovery brought to me.

There are many “faces” you can pick out in everyday life but the one which is most satisfying to pick out is the face of temptation.

AHA!- you can say – I see that person looking invitingly at me and wanting to go out for a drink.

AHA again when the boss or your parent or partner says something painful to you.
(nagging is the repetition of unpalatable truth)

AHA you say – I just smelled a whiff of cologne – his or her favorite and they are gone away (sob)

AHA again as the breakup anniversary arrives.
AHA as I speed along and that JERK cuts me off.
(BTW, recovering people are fond of pretending that noise the car is making will just go away by itself)

AHA – here comes that moron who asks the questions that keep me from lunch or leaving work.

AHA- going “home” alone yet again to bad food and TV.

Here’s how this worked for me:

One day, a few years back, I was working a street show in Northern California. The customers were crowding the booth and I was hauling in the money as fast as I could stuff it in my apron. That many wealthy customers don’t show up very often and I was thrilled to death! Suddenly there was a pause in the activity around the booth. The people were drawing back – they were making room for a tiny old woman in a walker. She told me in a very slow and quavering voice that she had come all the way up from the parking lot because she wanted to buy some gifts for her nieces who were taking such good care of her now that she couldn’t get around very much anymore. She ordered from a crumpled paper list and I watched some other buyers begin moving away to avoid the wait. I thought OMG why did this have to happen now? Gee I wish she’d go away! Then I looked into her eyes and stopped my complaining. It was very clear in that moment that the Divine was calling me back to my heart center by playing this joke on me. I asked the remaining customers to please wait a bit because this was important. I took her order with a smile and sent her on her way with her small purchases. I couldn’r imagine how much money I lost while this was going on but I really didn’t care. I don’t remember how much money I made that day but I DO remember catching that “Face in the Tree” and I was filled with satisfaction. It looked like my new way of life was working!

If you can catch these moments and identify them as Slippery Slopes or, as I have called them, the faces in the tree – hug yourself and pat those arms of yours with the opposite hands. This is a way that the tappers use to help you reclaim control over the habitual emotional slide down to the knee-jerk repetition of bad habits. It is good to practice every time you feel upset since it helps to re-integrate the left and right sides of your brain. Look up Emotion Free Technique for some surprisingly efficient tapping techniques.

Once I began to catch these “faces” I was prouder of myself that I would have been if I had just blown them off and gone about my “important” business. It is a good feeling like giving change to a beggar.

Try it – You’ll like it!

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